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Personality Disorders Therapy, Glasgow

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Personality Disorders

Personality disorders refer to a classification of mental conditions that impact someone’s behaviours, cognition patterns, and habits. The patterns of behaviour are usually compulsive and can rule a person’s life. There are various personality disorders which all exist in different categories. Some of the most common examples include paranoid-related disorders, depression-related disorders, and antisocial-related disorders.

The behaviours of personality disorders vary considerably depending on the category. However, there are some commonalities between the categories. Some with a personality disorder will interact with people differently. What is also apparent is the fact they will have different self-perception, whether it is inflated or deflated. Managing personality disorders may require medication and the implementation of better lifestyle choices. Therapeutic interventions can help someone with a personality disorder recognise how they see the world and behave with others.

Treatment for Personality Disorders, Glasgow

Whether you are aware of the presence of a personality disorder or not, it is always difficult to understand how other people may view you. Sometimes you may overthink a situation to the point where it impacts your day. Other times you may not even recognise when you have caused pain or hurt in another person. Whatever the situation may be, Psychology Scotland has created an environment to discuss personality issues openly. Whether you are new to therapy or have existing experience with psychological counselling, you can be assured of inclusivity at our centre. No matter how small your issue may seem, we are here to support you.

Our professional therapists offer treatment plans proven to work and are supported by strong empirical evidence. After an initial consultation, you will be advised to undertake a course that matches directly with your needs. Once you have enrolled, you will begin to develop the skills to help you understand your personality better. Throughout therapy, you will acknowledge the challenges you may face and how your perception may differ from others. Our aim at Psychology Scotland is to provide all our patients with an understanding of how to maintain an improved state of well-being.

Identifying a personality disorder is difficult, but therapeutic intervention is one of the best ways to do so. Integrative therapies like schema therapy can help you understand what you respond to and how you react in stressful situations. Other courses, such as exposure therapy, will challenge you in scenarios you may find fearful or uncomfortable. Whichever programme is chosen, you will make the necessary changes to live a more positive life. Taking the first step toward therapy is often the hardest, and at Psychology Scotland, we know that this should be rewarded with care and compassion. The therapeutic path is an assured way of discovering who you are and what you can become. We are ready to work with you for a better future.  

Testimonials about our Counselling Services

I would highly recommend the Psychology Scotland team, especially if you are someone who hasn't had experience with therapy beforehand.

Could not recommend higher. Always super friendly, professional and Fraser makes you feel at ease the moment you start talking to him. Would give six stars if I could!

Very professional and helpful team, Fraser helped me when dealing with loss of family members due to cancer and also provided guidance when dealing with other personal challenges. Have recommended him to other men and they have also been grateful to him for his support

Excellent space to reflect and receive professional and empathetic support - I highly recommend to anyone still considering!

Fraser is a lovely guy who is very professional and compassionate
and I can highly recommend

I have found the therapy offered by Psychology Scotland very helpful and the trainer counsellor to be engaging and supportive

Friendly and professional. Always helpful, attentive and caring.

My whole experience with Psychology Scotland was professional and incredibly helpful. From the booking process to working with my psychologist. The whole process was brilliant.

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