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Integrative Therapy, Glasgow

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Integrative Therapy

Rather than prioritise one method of therapy, integrative psychotherapy combines elements from various types of therapeutic intervention. Integrative therapy is useful because it allows the therapist to assess an individual's cognitive, behavioural, and psychological systems. The types of therapy that are combined are dependent on the expertise of a practising therapist, yet some interventions are more commonly associated with this approach. Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), transactional analysis, and person-centred therapy (PCT) are some disciplines often used during integrative therapy.

The reason why integrative therapy has become a popular practice is because of its flexibility. There are many different models of integration that all serve different purposes. For a professionally trained therapist, this means they can interchange integrative models to the direct needs of a client. For instance, one client may need a more action-oriented form of counselling while another may benefit from a form of therapy that closely analyses the unconscious.

Integrative Therapy at Psychology Scotland

Making the first step into the therapy process is arguably the most difficult. It is not easy to discuss personal difficulties and trauma with people that you are unfamiliar with. However, at Psychology Scotland, we have created a friendly and hospitable environment that looks to make the therapeutic process as easy as possible. Our therapy centre is accessible for all, and we are here to help with any problems you may have, no matter how big, or small they may seem. Whether you are new to counselling or have experience in therapy, Psychology Scotland will support you through the process.

Our professional therapists and counsellors are trained to offer you the most suitable services. All our therapeutic interventions are supported by empirical evidence and have been practised with success. After initial assessments, you will be advised on the best treatments available from our centre. Our therapists may decide that integrative therapy is the best option moving forward, or they may conclude that another approach will be more helpful. Whichever treatment plan is chosen, you can be fully assured that it is done with your best interests at heart. Once you begin your path in therapy, you will develop coping mechanisms that can sustain your improved state of mental well-being long after you have finished your official therapy period. Undertaking therapy must be viewed as a process of growth, and we want to be with you every step of the way.

The results of integrative therapy will give you a new perspective on your life and self-image. It is a highly individualised approach, meaning the solutions offered will be directly related to you. After your development here at Psychology Scotland, you will be able to respond to behavioural patterns better, and you will be able to understand your position in the world better. In short, integrative therapy looks to create a fully integrated person that is more receptive to the people and world they live in. If integrative therapy sounds like it could benefit your life, then we are ready to accept you into the therapeutic process. Seeking out therapy should be considered an achievement, and we want to be with you during your developmental process. 

Testimonials about our Counselling Services

I would highly recommend the Psychology Scotland team, especially if you are someone who hasn't had experience with therapy beforehand.

Could not recommend higher. Always super friendly, professional and Fraser makes you feel at ease the moment you start talking to him. Would give six stars if I could!

Very professional and helpful team, Fraser helped me when dealing with loss of family members due to cancer and also provided guidance when dealing with other personal challenges. Have recommended him to other men and they have also been grateful to him for his support

Excellent space to reflect and receive professional and empathetic support - I highly recommend to anyone still considering!

Fraser is a lovely guy who is very professional and compassionate
and I can highly recommend

I have found the therapy offered by Psychology Scotland very helpful and the trainer counsellor to be engaging and supportive

Friendly and professional. Always helpful, attentive and caring.

My whole experience with Psychology Scotland was professional and incredibly helpful. From the booking process to working with my psychologist. The whole process was brilliant.

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