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Depression Therapy, Glasgow

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Depression is the most common mental health condition, impacting just under 300 million people. There are many different forms of depression, and each has unique behavioural symptoms. Bipolar disorder, dysthymia (persistent depressive disorder) and psychosis are some of the examples that fall under the category of depression. The causation of a depressive order is still debated: some believe it is predominantly genetic whilst others argue that the cause of depression is situational and determined more by a person’s environment. However, despite these disagreements, there is consensus on some of the common symptoms. Low mood, lethargy, and suicidal tendencies are associated with almost all forms of depression.

There are various treatment methods for depression. Pharmaceutical treatments like the administration of selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) are popular, yet they carry a host of side effects. Some people choose to self-medicate, using substances like alcohol or harder drugs to numb the symptoms of depression. However, this method can lead to an exacerbation and is not advised. Therapeutic intervention, combined with better lifestyle choices, is arguably the best course of treatment for dealing with depression long-term.

Depression Counselling in Glasgow

At Psychology Scotland, we understand that it is difficult to approach therapy when you are not motivated. One of the major effects of depression is a lack of desire to do anything considered positive. Coming into our therapy centre to seek treatment might initially feel overwhelming, but we have prioritised making it a comfortable environment so you can begin with a treatment programme. Our psychology centre welcomes all walks of life, and we are here to attend to your needs, no matter how small they may seem. Whether you are new to therapy or have existing experience with psychological counselling, you can be assured of a friendly environment at Psychology Scotland.

Our professional therapists offer interventions that are rooted in strong empirical evidence. All our programmes have been proven to work effectively with depression and other psychological disorders. After an initial assessment, you will be advised on a therapeutic course that best fits your needs. Once you are underway with your programme, you will begin to cultivate essential life skills that will help you maintain an improved state of wellbeing. A major aim for all our patients at Psychology Scotland is to equip them with the tools to continue monitoring their mental health long after they have finished their treatment programme.

If you do suffer from a form of depression or have noticed the symptoms associated with depression, then we are ready to support you. Some of our treatment programmes include cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), person-centred therapy (PCT) and many different forms of integrated therapy. These courses will help you understand and acknowledge the state of your depression, meaning you can identify the potential causes with our expert psychologists. The time it takes to alleviate the symptoms of depression will depend on the course of therapy, but some results are found in all our programmes. You will become more open to change and opportunity, and with this, you will feel more connected to your relationships. In addition to an increase in openness, you will once again become motivated about life’s prospects. Taking the first step toward therapy is often the most difficult, and we know how hard it is to admit that you may need treatment. Psychology Scotland is here to start your journey to a better outlook on life.

Testimonials about our Counselling Services

I would highly recommend the Psychology Scotland team, especially if you are someone who hasn't had experience with therapy beforehand.

Could not recommend higher. Always super friendly, professional and Fraser makes you feel at ease the moment you start talking to him. Would give six stars if I could!

Very professional and helpful team, Fraser helped me when dealing with loss of family members due to cancer and also provided guidance when dealing with other personal challenges. Have recommended him to other men and they have also been grateful to him for his support

Excellent space to reflect and receive professional and empathetic support - I highly recommend to anyone still considering!

Fraser is a lovely guy who is very professional and compassionate
and I can highly recommend

I have found the therapy offered by Psychology Scotland very helpful and the trainer counsellor to be engaging and supportive

Friendly and professional. Always helpful, attentive and caring.

My whole experience with Psychology Scotland was professional and incredibly helpful. From the booking process to working with my psychologist. The whole process was brilliant.

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